Our Story

We guide ourselves by PCI’s core values of integrity, excellence, genuine relationships, and a passion for community.

We are a privately-owned real estate developer and investor with a long history in Metro Vancouver. At PCI, we’re creating stories, not just buildings. Over the past 40 years and counting, we’ve had the privilege of bringing over 70 properties of all different sizes, types and locations to life. Each, with its own challenges and unique characteristics, has become part of the fabric of our city. We’re passionate about creating a complete community where people live, work, and shop.


Connected communities start with our dedicated team. We’ve thrived for over 40 years in a competitive, ever-changing industry as a team of skilled and adaptive individuals that build vibrant, transit-oriented and mixed-use developments. PCI is a community of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, skills and education. We pride ourselves in our culture of flexibility and close collaboration.

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The neighbourhoods we build are more than just homes – they’re communal spaces, spots for local businesses to thrive, and for events to bring us together. Community engagement is a huge part of our vision, and we plan to continue supporting local organizations for years to come. We believe that community engagement is an ongoing commitment that continues after the build is done.


Our property management company, Warrington PCI Management (WPM), proudly manages and leases a portfolio of over 17 million square feet of office, retail, industrial, and residential properties throughout Western Canada. With the growth of their residential portfolio, Warrington Residential was created – WPM’s residential branch. Over 40 years of experience gives us an invaluable perspective on commercial and mixed-use projects. Our longstanding personal client relationships and knowledge of the industry inform our success across our many types of residential projects.

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